Workers Compensation

William H. McKnight aggressively represents workers compensation claimants against the insurance company for lost wages, medical treatment and rehabilitation in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida. With 23 years experience, he provides individual attention to each case. He will help you get the best settlement for your claim when you decide to settle. Compensation workers deserve, it’s what we work for.

Lost Wages

Workers comp money benefits include lost wages, either temporary total disability or temporary partial disability payments, impairment benefits, rehabilitation disability payments during retraining and for the severely injured permanent total disability payments.

The maximum amount of temporary total disability or temporary partial disability payments is 104 weeks for anyone injured after January 1, 1994. For accidents after October 1, 2003, permanent total disability benefits generally pay to age seventy-five.

Rehabilitation Benefits

If the injured worker is in a qualified retraining program, they can be paid 26 weeks of rehabilitation temporary total disability benefits, unless the 104 maximum weeks have been exhausted. If the judge of compensation claims determines that it is in the injured workers best interest, the rehabilitation temporary total disability payments can be extended for an additional 26 weeks. For dates of accident after October 1, 2003, the rehabilitation temporary total disability benefits is included in, and not in addition to, the 104 week temporary benefits limit.

Medical Benefits

Workmans’ comp is required to provide medical care for the workers compensation injuries to an injured worker so as long as the nature of the injury and the process of recovery requires, as defined in F.S. 440.13 and F.S. 440.134 which governs managed care plans in workers compensation claims.

Unless the employer refuses to carry out their obligation to provide medical care, the employer has the right to select the doctor. The employee has a one-time right for any industrial accident to change physicians.

Independent Medical Evaluations

If the employee is not satisfied with the treatment he or she receives, they can obtain an independent medical evaluation (IME). If the accident happened before October 1, 2003, the employer is required to pay for the evaluation. If the accident happened after that date, the employee must pay for his own IME, unless his care is governed through a managed care plan, in which case he can select a doctor from the plan’s list and the employer pays for the IME.

Workers Compensation Settlements

In the vast majority of cases the workers compensation insurance company will eventually want to settle your case. The insurance company has highly trained professional adjusters and attorneys working to minimize the value of your settlement. William H. McKnight knows the ways to increase the value of your case to get you the maximum amount for your settlement.

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