How Do I Increase My Florida Workers Compensation Settlement

The first thing you should know is to never let the statute of limitations run on your Florida worker compensation claim.  If you do it is worth nothing.   see:

The value of your Florida workers compensation claim depends on what it will cost the insurance company if they simply leave you claim open and pay benefits as they become due.  This is called claim exposure.

Most people injured on the job do not know every benefit they may be entitled to such as rehabilitative temporary total benefits, future medical expenses and how to calculate the present value of benefits.

The insurance company has seasoned professional adjusters trying to pay you little or nothing for your Florida workers compensation settlement.  An experienced workers comp lawyer for settlement negotiations of your Florida workers compensation claim is a must to maximize the settlement value of your case.

Studies have shown that workers compensation cases which have claimant attorney representation cost the insurance company about 40%  more money.  The reason is that a workers compensation lawyer knows what you may be entitled to and how point out to the insurance company how they have undervalued the case.

William H. McKnight is an aggressive lawyer with the skills, experience and knowledge to obtain the best settlement for you given the facts of your case.

If you are thinking about settling your workers compensation case call us today for a free consultation.  The compensation you deserve…it’s what we work for.