Month: March 2011

Florida Workers Compensation; False, Fradulent, Misleading, Statements

In Florida workers compensation cases,  the workers compensation insurance company and their attorney will deny money and medical benefits if they think they can show that the injured worker made false, fraudulent, or misleading statements in connection with their workers compensation claim. The defense is found by reading F.S. 440.09(4) (a) and F.S. 440.105(4)(b)1. together.  … Continued

Accident Arising Out of and in the Course and Scope of Employment in Florida Workers Compensation Cases: What Does it Mean?

In Florida workers compensation claims it is not uncommon for the workers compensation carrier to deny that it is responsible for paying  lost wages and medical benefits claiming the injured worker did not have an accident arising out of and in the course and scope of employment. A good Florida workers compensation claimant attorney knows … Continued

Florida Uniform Permanent Impairment Rating Schedule and Permanent Total Disability benefits

In many Florida workers compensation cases  the employee is seriously injured and he or she will be assigned an impairment rating in accordance with the Florida Uniform Permanent Impairment Rating Schedule. The schedule is also referred to incorrectly as the Florida Impairment Guide or Florida Disability Rating Schedule. The impairment rating has straight forward economic … Continued